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Ready mixed concrete is ordered in terms of "cubic yards."  The below calculations will assist you in figuring how many "cubic yards" of concrete is required for your project.
**Important Note**
You must first convert all measurements to be stated in terms of "feet."
Ex:  (4" = .33'), (5" = .42'), (6" = .5'), (7" = .59'), (8" = .67'), (9" = .75'), (10" = .84')

Slab "Flatwork" (Cubic Yards ):  Driveway, floor, sidewalk, patio, etc.
Length' x Width' x Depth' 
Example:  A sidewalk that is 4 feet wide, 30 feet long, and 4 inches thick:
4 x 30 x .34 
In this case, the equation tells you that 1.52 cubic yards will be required.  As a rule of thumb, always round up to the nearest quarter yard to compensate for differentials in depth, measurements, and/or "waste/spillage."
Footing:  Same as above, just use the measurements required.
Wall:  Same as above...just imagine the wall as a "vertical slab!"   (Your "depth" will now be the "thickness" of the wall.)
Hole / Circular Area:
    Reminder....you must use the magic "pi"....3.14 in this case,
and you must convert the diameter to a radius by dividing the diameter by 2, then "square" that radius figure.
Example:  A hole "pier" that is 1 ft in diameter and 3 ft deep.
.5 x .5(radius squared) x 3.14 ("pi") x 3 (depth)
In this example, the hole would require .09 cubic yards....therefore, if you had 10 holes this size you would need 10 x .09 = .90 cubic yards
Rounding up, it would be wise to order 1.25 cubic yards in this case.

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Click here to e-mail us any questions and/or measurements you have and we will be happy to assist you in figuring the concrete required for your project. Or call us at 573.635.4101!

Please call us at 573.635.4101 for help in figuring the concrete required for your project.